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laser cutting machines integration

TCI Powerline laser cutting machine is the perfect integration of Technology and TCI Cutting experience in waterjet cutting machine.

The perfect integration of all the interfaces, a procedure developed by TCI Cutting, increases the efficiency of our cutting machines. It produces a higher speed and greater cutting quality.

The Powerline laser cutting machines Series has been designed to synchronize all of the production processes. As a result, the energy saved is transformed into productivity and profitability for your company.

integracion laser fanuc con la experiencia tci cutting

Laser cutting head

Laser Cutting head.

Interchangeable cartridge system for high pressure laser cutting. It is available for applications with lenses of 5", 7.5" and 10" (10" with an optional adapter). Head with double interchangeable cartridge.

  • Programmable nozzle tolerance
  • Integrated accuracy monitoring sensor
  • Interchangeable cartridge system with quick changes.
  • High pressure cutting (2,5 Mpa)
  • Lens and cutting nozzles cooler
  • Two different pipes for different gasses.
  • Head protection alarms (collision, etc.)
  • Also available: a motorized cartridge to fit the focal position by parameters.
  • Also available: a sensor to motorize the cutting process and the piercing.
cutting head

laser cutting machines software

Control Software TCI EXPERT HMI V 4.0

The new machine/operator interface is very intuitive. It provides all the elements needed to monitor the system. Users can monitor Laser cutting parameters, the extraction system, materials etc.

This allows you to easily control the laser cutting system and monitor the progress of a cut from one standard location, changing and positioning the different colored pieces.

integracion laser fanuc con la experiencia tci cutting
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